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Our Customer Testimonials

DC #9 J A A T F
Long Island City, NY
Commercial / CFS system
I was teaching hand finishing in New York City when Apla-Tech’s Eastern Rep brought me a Continuous Flow (CFS) Tape Apla-Cator. I had never used it before and after I was shown how it worked I taped for 2 ½ hours. Since we only had 250’ rolls for hand tapers, I had to stop only once every 250’ to change the roll of tape. I was surprised to see that I put up 20 rolls when I was finished. Since the taper was so light and had no drag feel I didn’t feel tired when I was done. When I told other finishers I knew how well it went they said I was BSing them. I was pretty impressed and recommend that taper to anyone.

Juan Bernal – Trainer

Pontotoc, MS
They work perfect. I love them to death. With the extra profits I paid for these tools in three months.

Richard Fitts – Owner – Fitts Construction & Painting

Clio, MI
Thank you so very much. This is one of the quickest and probably most complete responses which I have ever received in customer support from anyone.

Jim Martindale – Owner – Riner Wedel Home Builders

Goldston, NC
Using Apla-Tech Tools, I have doubled my production. You can’t go wrong buying Apla-Tech.

Chesley Oxendine – Owner – Chesley Oxendine Drywall

Green Bay, WI
Work focus includes Holiday Inn Hotels, Multi-family units and commercial projects.
We originally had two finishing crews with conventional mechanical tools. We purchased two sets of “Air” tools. We noticed a considerable difference in ease of the tools and an increase in production. Then we were one of the first contractors to purchase Apla-Tech’s Continuous Flow Drywall Finishing Tool System (CFS). The one CFS set we purchased produced the same amount of footage as the two air sets of Apla-Tech together

Dan Barnard – Owner – DOT Coatings

E. Thetford, VT
We were mechanical tool finishers. We finish high end custom $1 Million + homes & elderly housing. We first purchased the “Air” system from Apla-Tech and we are very happy with the increased production and especially the ease. We then purchased the Apla-Tech CFS tools when they came to the market and again cut our production schedule (time of completion) by ½ for either type of project.

Wayne Swasey – Owner – Wayne Swasey Plastering & Drywall

Depew, NY
We are approximately the second largest commercial drywall contractor in our market. We gave Apla-Tech an award for 2007 & 2008 for projects we used the tool that helped increase finishing production far above our anticipated numbers. We presently have two sets of tools.

John O’Hare – VP – Huber Construction

Bethlehem, PA
Commercial/CFS – system
I could not imagine going back to our old mechanical tools. We absolutely love the Apla-Tech CFS system.

Dave Long – Duggan & Marcon

St. Joseph, MO
Commercial/CFS – system
We have been realizing 30% savings in our labor costs when using the Apla-Tech Continuous Flow System.

Jeff Collins – Collins Plastering

Save Up to 40% of Your Finishing Budget Per Project